Lost and Found

Total Homeward Bound momentThis particular image in WE3 really bothered me. The entire series of “Lost” posters made the characters real “pets” it would have been easy to cast all of the animals as the Mastiff was- cold blooded alpha animals with no souls. This particular image focuses on Bandit, the beloved retriever who loves Nylabone.

Had Bandit been just a military minded Alpha male fighting his way to the top we would suspect that he was evil. By giving him a sorrowful past of kidnapping and giving him phantom owners who love and miss him he becomes Real (based on the parameters for realness set in the Velveteen Rabbit) this separates We3 from other military minded cyborgs in history.

Visually Bandit has empty eyes, surely this is a reflection from the flash, animals are difficult to photograph, crazy red eye always happens- or is this foreshadowing? Bandit’s head is tilted at an angle, one that attempts to figure out what is going on, a theme later seen as 1 attempts to find his way home and lead his team, all with his head on straight. Bandit’s tongue is lolling however, a characteristic commonly thought of as “silly” a trait 1 doesn’t share. The text at the bottom of this poster says that Bandit is friendly and approachable which we are able to see later, he is the first of We3 to speak, and one that is concerned with being a “good dog” behaviors not seen in the “rudeness” of 2 or the fluffy headed 3.

In my opinion, 1, you’re a very good dog.

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